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Technology is Changing the Way a Golf Shop Operates

November 28, 2017

TPC Louisiana's Head Golf Professional Matt Williamson, PGA, gives his thoughts on the influence of technology in golf, and how TPC Louisiana has benefited from it.

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Ruling Range - November 2017

November 24, 2017
What happens when two wild turkeys decide to take your perfectly laid ball in the middle of the fairway back to the woods with them? Will you need to take a penalty, or can you place the ball where it landed without an extra stroke?
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Tips to Help You Prepare for the Season Change

November 21, 2017
The leaves are falling, the air is turning colder and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes fills the autumn air. Winter is coming and at EZLinks, we want you to be ready for the season change. Here are some tips to make sure your season transition goes smoothly.

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