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What's all the buzz about Cloud-Based POS Systems?

October 17, 2019

We've got answers to all of your questions!


What’s all the buzz about Cloud-Based POS Systems?

By now you’ve certainly heard the term “cloud-based” thrown around, especially if you’re evaluating your course operations software. But do you have a good grasp of what it is?  Or is it just a ‘thing’ that you’re not really sure about, but there’s buzz around it, so it must be cutting-edge.  If you have questions, you’ve come to the right place:


What is a cloud-based point-of-sale?

A cloud-based point of sale processes and stores data online instead of in your golf shop on a local computer or server.


Do I have to be on site to access my system?

No. With a cloud-based platform you have the freedom to access your POS from anywhere. With most (though not all) platforms, any device with a web browser will give you access to your entire operation.


Do I need special equipment? 

Typically not. Because a cloud-based POS system only requires an internet connection, you should be able to use any computer, mobile device, tablet, payment terminal, or receipt printer you like. This allows your team to utilize the technology they’re most comfortable with and ensures an easy set up process.


Does it cost more? 

That depends. Typically, cloud-based systems don’t have any capital investments like servers, but there are always a number of factors that drive this: requirements, size of your golf club, etc.


Do you offer a cloud-based solution?

But of course! You don’t think we would have written this blog post if we didn’t, right?


EZLinks offers two expansive cloud-based tools depending on your needs. EZ360 is quite straightforward and is great for clubs with more streamlined operations.  EZ720 includes more bells and whistles and is great for facilities with broader functions and multi-course operators.

Check out EZ360 and EZ720 and see how you can take your club to the next level.


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