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2018 Client Testimonial Background Inside

Balance is Key to Appealing To/Attracting a Younger Generation

March 22, 2018
TPC San Antonio’s GM, Matt Flory, and Membership Sales Manager, Jarod Kendall, interact with golfers every day
and know what it takes to attract Millennials to their facility.
More than any other generation before it, Millennials have been shaped by technology and the role it plays in our daily lives. As the largest living generation in the U.S., businesses (including golf courses) must find new ways to appeal to and attract this extremely influential generation. Here are some things we do at TPC San Antonio to engage with 18 to 34 year olds. 


  • We have a mobile responsive website and send personalized emails.
  • We focus on digital advertising (Facebook and Google). 
  • We are established on social media, and we are mindful that it's important to create content Millennials want to engage with, we don't just talk about ourselves. 
  • We use pictures and videos whenever we can over text.


  • We make golfing affordable with twilight and replay rounds. 
  • We’ve created a Young Professional Membership meant for recent college grads.  
  • We continue to update our club with amenities the younger crowd likes: a Lifestyle Center, café, sports bar, etc. 


  • Our golf carts include GPS.
  • We’ve changed the cell phone policy at our Clubhouse and on the course during PGA TOUR events. 
  • We allow music to be played on the course.
As technology and expectations for personalized service continue to evolve, it is important that you are willing to change in order to appeal to the younger generations.