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Creative Ways to Capture More Data

May 31, 2018
Your database is worth its weight in gold. Here are five tips to connect to more golfers.


  1. Collect Through Guest Wifi: Promote free wifi to your golfers, all they have to do is provide their email address.
  2. Offer Exclusive Access: Entice golfers with a VIP list. Those who sign up will receive exclusive information about your course – from news about your newest equipment and offers, to receiving tips from your golf pro. 
  3. Newsletter Sign-Up Pop-Up Window on Website: If you don’t have one already, add a pop-up window encouraging golfers to sign up for your newsletter. 
  4. Social Media: Leverage your social media channels (especially Facebook and Twitter) by adding a sign-up form.
  5. Gate Content: Create content (videos or blog posts) that give golfers a taste but require an email address to view the entire content.