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TPC Boston - World Class Service to Members

Keys to Providing World Class Service

March 9, 2017

Learn how Darren Garrity, Director of Sales and Marketing at TPC Boston, creates a unique environment for his members each and every day.

From the minute a guest steps on our property our goal is to create a “wow” experience – from greeting guests in the parking lot and loading their clubs onto carts for them, to our impeccable accommodations, to using caddies so that guests feel like they are on the PGA TOUR, no detail is too small to create a lasting memory. Not every facility has the resources to create those kind of experiences but every facility is capable of welcoming guests with a friendly smile, anticipating needs and creating personal touches. Those are things every facility can do, big or small, that make a world of a difference to guests.

But before you can provide exceptional service, you need to start with the people who bring your facility’s vision to life, your staff. It is important to hire people who care about what they do, take pride in their work and have the interpersonal skills to deliver outstanding service to guests. Employees have the ability to take an experience from good to great with a simple interaction. For example, we have a member that enjoys the “Champagne of Beers”, a beer not carried at many establishments. A staff member overheard him talking about his love for that beer and how he can’t often find it. Upon his next visit, we had his beer ready for him and continue to carry it. He was blown away and loves to tell that story to guests and friends, and thanks the staff constantly. This small act means that we won a member for life.

In addition to great employees you need to create a training program that outlines your facility’s expectations. Our golf shop and F&B teams meet on a regular basis to discuss service trends, techniques and member feedback. Some things we do that you can easily replicate include: addressing a golfer by name, knowing a guest’s favorite cart number, having a golfer’s favorite beer ready for when he/she walks into the clubhouse. The key to a successful training program is laying the foundation down and allowing staff to insert their personality to make a unique, personable experience for guests. We stress that our goal is to create an environment where members view our club as a home away from home.