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2018 Client Testimonial Background Inside
Sun City Country Club in Sun City, AZ, Grows the Game of Golf in Kids

Five Ways to Grow the Game and Revenue

December 6, 2018

Tom Loegering, CEO, Sun City Country Club, partnered with the Phoenix public school system to create the Golf Program in Schools (GPS) - a program that introduces golf to younger generations.

The program introduced more than 16,000 Phoenix-area students to the game last year and expanded appreciation for the sport. Executed to have a good impact on the future of the game, the program had more immediate results as well by increasing Sun City's YoY revenue by 14%. Tom credits this jump to exposure. 

“Many of these kids hadn’t been to a golf course before. We took out the intimidation and highlighted the game. The end result inspired the desire to get out and play.” 

Here’s what Tom did to get started, and what you can do to bring the program to life in your community: 

  • Partner with a school district, or start with one school, to create a program that exposes all students (not just those interested) to golf to the sport, the business and history.
  • Build a lesson itinerary – how to grip a club, how to swing, how to putt, the difference between a wood and iron, etc.
  • Plan a field trip at the end of the program so students can apply what they learned to a round of golf. Create a welcoming environment – relaxed dress code.   
  • Provide the school with incentives to provide to parents in the event their children are interested in playing again.

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