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Make the Most of Your Social Media Strategy

February 8, 2018
Social media accounts for a third of all time spent online.*

Your golfers are talking and it’s time you talked back. Use these simple tips / tricks to maximize your social media potential.

  1. Define Your Goal – Before you dive into the social media world, decide on your goal. Do you want to increase followers? Expand post reach? Drive traffic to your website? A defined goal will help determine success.
  2. Experiment – Social media is a great way to test new copy, creative and concepts. Don’t be afraid to try different headlines, images and content. If a post isn’t performing well, mix it up.
  3. Be Mobile Friendly – More and more social media is viewed on phones so keep posts short (approximately 140 characters), fun and engaging. Also, size photos correctly. Below are image dimensions for different social platforms.
      1. Facebook: 1 to 1 ratio
      2. Twitter: 2 to 1 ratio
      3. Instagram: 1 to 1 ratio
      4. LinkedIn: 2 to 1 ratio
  4. Deal with Negative Feedback Swiftly – Address criticism quickly and professionally and don’t delete negative comments, it can look like you are trying to hide something. For golfers who continue to post negative comments, ask them to direct message you to resolve the problem offline.

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