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Is your golf course technology built for you to excel, or just good enough to get you by?

October 11, 2019

Is the technology we use good enough to get us there?


We’re only five weeks into the 2019 football season, and yet a simple truth has already begun to emerge: If your team is going to compete for the hardware at the end of the season, you’ll need a top-tier quarterback who will excel for all four quarters week in and week out. Gone are the days of the game manager whose job it is to “just not screw it up”. 

Not exactly groundbreaking analysis, but it really does extend beyond the gridiron. It dawned on me as I watching mediocre quarterbacks floundering this weekend that course technology is not much different than this ultimate of skill positions.

Choosing the right software is like your favorite team’s first round draft pick: do it well and the results will pay dividends for years to come. Make a mistake and you’ll spend the next few years trying to get out from under it. Your software serves as the ceiling to your course’s potential to generate revenue, operate efficiently and provide golfers with a positive experience from booking their tee time to the conclusion of their round. It’s the quarterback of the golf club.

When it comes to evaluating your club’s technology, ask this question: “Is our technology good enough to maintain our daily functions and get us by?  Or, is it a difference maker with tools that will separate us from our competition and excel?”

During the recent 2019 Golf Inc. Strategies Summit, I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion on the power of technology and its role in driving profitability. It was abundantly clear that clubs require solutions that can tie together every facet of an operation. Operators require line of sight on everything from food and beverage to their marketing and beyond. Without that 360-degree view, courses will flounder like those mid-tier, game managing quarterbacks.

As we move toward the conclusion of the golf season and you begin to construct your 2020 goals, ask yourself a simple question: “Is the technology we use good enough to get us there?” If not, then it’s time to give us a call.


Jason Jenkins 

Vice President of Sales and Major Accounts 



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