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How Well Are You Segmenting Your Database?

October 4, 2019

The key to delivering better marketing results begins with segmentation.

At its foundation, marketing is about delivering the proper message to the proper audience at the proper time. With the growth of your club and the increase in competition across the country comes the increased pressure to ensure you’re delivering the proper message to your database. Blasting your entire rolodex of golfers with the same message week in and week out will lead to a burn out and ultimately vacant tee times. 

The ability to identify the right audience and the messages that will resonate with them most is built into the core of EZENGAGE. With EZENGAGE you have the power to segment your database and experiment with messaging that will increase your customer engagement and ensure your tee sheet is full all season long.

Here is a basic framework for segmenting your golfers to begin experimenting with messaging:

 Most Common Golfer Segments 

  • Course regulars 
  • The once a month crew
  • The once a quarter group
  • The once a season gang 

What is your message to each group? How is it similar? How is it different? Does it align with their habits?


Once you’ve segmented your golfers, experiment with different offer types, language and delivery schedule to match the habits of their group. 

Do you have an outing that you need to fill? Let your once a month golfers experience playing in a competitive setting with a discount code.

Empty tee sheet next Sunday? Let the golfers who show up once a quarter know that you’re running a Sunday drink special for the entire foursome.

Consistent segmentation and proper messaging alignment will provide the boost your course is looking for.

Before your next marketing campaign, ask yourself, “Am I relying on data and segmentation to get my message out, or am I guessing?” If your current marketing tool cannot perform these basic functions, then it is time to make a switch to EZENGAGE. Click HERE to schedule a free demo or call us at 1.888.88.LINKS (1.888.885.4657) 24/7/365.

Segment Like A Master Marketer

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