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TPC River Highlands Talks About Employee Retention

Golf Course Employee Retention

July 25, 2018
David Corrado, General Manager at TPC River Highlands, gives insight to how his facility retains top talent. Here is what he has to say…

It is no secret that the success of any business lies in the hands of its employees. At TPC River Highlands, we focus on four areas so our employees feel engaged and valued.

  1. Training and Development: We are a seasonal club, and like most seasonal clubs much of our staff is either part-time or has two jobs. Therefore, we emphasize cross-training for three reasons: 1.) to provide growth opportunity within the club; 2.) to help staff members develop skills that can be used in other aspects of their lives; and 3.) to create a safety net of cross-trained employees for the club.

  2. Recognition: Never underestimate the power of recognition. We take many steps to ensure our staff feels appreciated like Employee of the Month or Year awards, and the management team handwriting notes to those who provide exceptional service. We also created a recognition program where staff members fill out a “Shout-Out” card to recognize outstanding work done by their colleagues. The “Shout-Out” cards are posted in the employee break room for all to see. These cards create ownership and shows the importance of teamwork.

  3. Feedback: Being open to feedback and asking for input is an important part of creating a healthy work environment. We conduct an annual employee survey to see how the staff feels about the club. Results are shared with management and action plans are created to address opportunities for improvement. Management also has an open-door policy to encourage employees to share ideas or concerns. Lastly, we hold club staff meetings to keep everyone informed and solicit feedback and ideas.

  4. Engagement: To keep our employees engaged we have monthly cookouts, encourage different departments to eat lunch together and host offsite events (baseball game, bowling night, etc.) so staff can interact with one another in a relaxed environment. We also actively ask staff about their interests outside of work and do our best to support these endeavors. For example, many staff members are involved in charities, and as a PGA TOUR Property we work hard to participate in charity events that have significant meaning to our staff and to the TOUR.
Remember, your staff is the face of your organization. They can easily make or break a member’s experience which is why it is important to help them progress. Focusing on our employees has paid off – our average employee tenure is 6+ years, and 25% of our staff has been with us for over 10 years.
Taking action helped us create a strong and healthy atmosphere for our employees, and has played a big part in our club’s success. I’m sure it can for you, too.