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Golf Technology Revolutionizing the Game

Golf's Leaders Discuss What's Next

August 29, 2018

Golf— a sport known for its rich history and tradition— is creating richer experiences and new traditions as technology transforms the clubhouse, the experience and play.

This is what the future of golf will look like. 
  • Exist beyond the traditional confines of a golf course: Companies, like Topgolf, are creating unique experiences that expose younger generations to golf and infuse golf into non-traditional time slots.
  • Data fueled: Tomorrow’s golf will track everything from ball velocity to hip and wrist rotation in real-time. Tomorrow’s golf will use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide club recommendations based on previous data and current performance.
  • Personal: Golfers will be greeted at the halfway house by name with their favorite drink already poured. Golf won’t just be a game, it will be an experience.

Technology is revolutionizing the experience from how we watch, to how we operator to how we play, and at EZLinks is thrilled to contribute to this evolution.