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Using Technology to Increase Revenue 

June 7, 2018
Better Tech = Better Revenue

Simply making do with technology doesn't make revenue for courses, but using the right technology certainly does as discussed in the May / June 2018 issue of Golf Inc.

A flashy car without air conditioning doesn’t provide much value if you live in Arizona, neither does a car with two seats when you have four passengers. As a course operator, you need to understand what features add value to your facility to determine the right technology to use. Do you benefit from a dollar-based loyalty program? If so, focus on this essential feature. Strapped for time? An automated-marketing platform that allows you to pre-program targeted offers – weekday deals to weekday golfers – is key. Or, do you need to drive efficiency through pace of play management? Then make sure your technology integrates golfer profiles to this tracking.

At EZLinks, we design products that maximize revenue. Check out some of our (and the industry's) revenue-driving features in Golf Inc. (read the full article HERE) Or, if you want a test-drive of EZLinks revenue features, drop us a line. We’d be happy to show you the latest features and integrations available to you.