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2018 Client Testimonial Background Inside
EZLinks Employee Golfing at Los Verdes Golf Course, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Golf Perks at Work

November 29, 2018

Implementation Specialist, Andrew Cisco, visits more than a dozen golf courses a year. Read more about his role. 

His job is to power these courses with the latest technology to run operations and to train the staff. His career is at the intersection of customer service and technology, with the center point being his passion - golf.  

  • What do you enjoy most about your job? My team. We are focused on each other and the customer.
  • What has been your most memorable experience? I supported The City of Los Angeles rollout in which we outfitted 10 courses with our technology in just 1 week. The courses were thrilled and the team did a great job.
  • Which has been your favorite course to play while on an install? Green Mountain National Golf Club in Vermont. It is deep in the mountains and has amazing elevation changes. I need to make a trip back as I think I left a dozen or so balls there.

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