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Chicago's Tech Community is Booming

Chicago’s Tech Footprint Continues to Expand

June 11, 2018
Chicago. It’s home to deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs (hold the ketchup), world-class architecture and the Magnificent Mile.  
One more thing it can add to its list? A tech hub.

Many top tech companies such as Boeing, Groupon and Grubhub are headquartered here, and others like Salesforce, Google and Uber are expanding their offices. The world is beginning to realize that the Second City is far from being a second-tier tech community.

Here is why the Windy City is ranked one of the best tech cities in the U.S.

  1. Location – Located right on Lake Michigan, it is the main hub between the East and West coasts. 
  2. Cost of Living – It is an affordable city. In fact, according to NerdWallet, Chicago's cost of living is:
    1. About 47% lower than Manhattan
    2. About 32% lower than San Francisco
    3. About 16% lower than Seattle
  3. Midwest Attitude – Residents of the “City of Big Shoulders” have that Midwest charm and a “get it done” work ethic. 
  4. Innovative Spaces and Collaborative Workplaces – There are no shortages of innovation centers and collaborative workplaces. Some of Chicago’s biggest include: Merchandise Mart and Technexus.
  5. Venture Capital Firms – Startups can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of VCs are willing and wanting to invest in the next Google and Facebook.

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