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5 Fast Facts About Millennials & Golf

February 15, 2018
According to the National Golf Foundation (NGF), there are currently 8.5 million golfers in the millennial age group,
and an additional 15 million have expressed interest in picking up the game. That's huge opportunity!
But capitalizing on this segment of the market isn’t as easy as rolling out the same strategies one is presently using for baby boomers or gen Xers.
What to Know:
  • Millennials Love Personalized Customer Service – Make your golf course feel like a second home to golfers with warm greetings and personalization whenever possible. Remember, small acts go a long way this group. Shoot ‘em a push notification after the round to see how they played. Look for opportunities to engage on a personal level.
  • Millennials Put a Lot of Stock in Online Reviews– Millennials always research before making a purchase. So if your course reviews are suffering, you can bet Millennials won't be teeing up there. And if you’re letting online complaints go without acknowledging them, that’s a red flag in the Millennial’s playbook.
  • Millennials Love Technology – Millennials are tech savvy. They want it. They need it. Grab their attention with digital apps that track and share round performance, or update your golf carts to include multi-media screens that play tunes and stream videos so this crew never has to choose between Sunday football and golf.
  • Millennials Have Short Attention Spans – Millennials have no time to waste time. The 15 million golfers that have expressed interest in golf might not be able to tackle 18 holes their first time out, so think about three, six and nine hole rotations to grow the game and your business.
  • Millennials Prefer Experiences over Tangible Goods – It’s all about the experience for Millennials. Get creative. And while you might not be able to create an African Golf Safari like one course is presently offering in South Africa, you can certainly try to offer something in addition to teeing it up. 9 holes of golf / 9 holes of disc golf. Working in golf with a bags tournament. The options are endless.
Millennials are on track to being the largest market share in golf. Grab their attention and make your course stand out with these helpful hints.