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Winter Golf Course Tournament

4 Methods to Stay in Touch with Golfers 

November 1, 2018

The weather might be turning frightful, but that doesn’t mean communication should end until spring...

Northern Courses – Here are four ideas to interact with golfers during the off season.

  • Black Friday: Begin promoting your Black Friday sale now to create anticipation. Start with a teaser email and add a little more information each week.
    • Don’t have an online store? Check out our websites that include an online store HERE
  • Social Media: Use Facebook Live to discuss hot golf topics, controversial plays / rules, results from last week’s PGA TOUR tournament, how-to videos and more. Bay Point Golf Club grew revenue and increased rounds-played by creating a Facebook Live show HERE
  • Winter Golf Tournament: Create a 6, 9 or 18-hole winter wonderland tournament. Pair up with a local non-profit to create more interest. Remember people love giving around the holidays. It’s a great way to expose your course to new golfers and show commitment to your community.
  • Communicate Early: Build excitement a month or two before your doors open with stretches, exercises and equipment tips to get golfers back into playing shape. Don’t forget to feature your Head Pro and promote clinics and lessons.

Staying active during the offseason will create a successful start to your new season.