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Medinah Country Club is a top private club

BoardRoom Magazine Article: What Makes a Great Private Club

October 8, 2018

Any facility can call itself a club, but there are four defining aspects that transform clubs into legends.

These defining pillars are the foundation of the industry’s legends.    

  1. Willing to Adapt: The best clubs understand evolution and adapt amenities and services in anticipate desires. Evolution can accommodate changing family dynamics, more programs for spouses or better use of technology. They make the club the center point of an active life and not a diversion.   
  2. Understand their Members: Top clubs don’t guess their members’ wants and needs, they know by listening, following trends and adapting. If Millennials make up a majority of membership, consider initiation fee payment plans or membership options to keep them happy.
  3. Do not Imitate: Members pay top dollar for a unique experience. Learn what differentiates your facilities (location, diversity of activities, concentration on a specific event, etc.) and play to your strengths.  
  4. Value the Team: The leaders never underestimate the influential power of team members. Hire top talent and implement programs to improve their skills and grow their careers. Happy team = lifetime member and lifelong relationships.


These pillars are at the cornerstone of the world’s top clubs. 



Read the full BoardRoom article HERE (p.10/11).