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Ruling Range - November 2016

November 1, 2016

The Dilemma

Your ball comes to rest in a steep pot bunker, and while getting ready to play the shot from an awkward stance, you slip, fall backwards and end up grounding your left hand and your sand wedge in the sand. It's a funny moment to your playing partners for sure, and Jimmy, the self-appointed rules aficionado in the group, immediately says, "Welp, that's a two shot penalty, pal." Is Jimmy correct?

The Ruling

Because you fell in the bunker with no intention of testing the condition of the harzard or improving your lie, you are protected by Exception 1 of Rule 13-4 and not in violation of the rules. Therefore, the joke is on Jimmy for not knowing the letter of the law quite as well as he thought he did, and we give you full permission to knock it close and say to him, "That's up and down for a par, pal."