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Ruling Range - December 2016

December 1, 2016

The Dilemma

Fifty-feet of green stands between you, a birdie and your personal best score. It's two putts for a tie and a bomb for the record. Looking to gain a better sense of the putt, you politely ask your playing partner to tend the flag. He complies. You put a perfect stroke on the ball, and as it rolls closer to the hole, you mumble to yourself, "Oh my... it's going in." Your playing partner is so overwelmed by your marvelous putt that he forgets to remove the flagstick. Your ball strikes the stick squarely before dropping into the hole.

Is that a penalty?

The Ruling

Yes, unfortunately that is a penalty. Despite being your partner's fault, Rule 17-3 clearly states that the individual putting incurs a two stroke penalty for striking the flagstick in the hole while putting from on the green. But don't worry. To ease the pain, your buddy agrees to buy your next round on so not all is lost!