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Ruling Range - July 2017

July 31, 2017
The Dilemma
Standing in the middle of the 18th fairway, your dreams of breaking 80 for the first time are just 141 yards away. Hit a nine iron into the middle of the green, two putt and you're Mr. 79 moving forward. You pull 'er back and flush it. But unfortunately, it's too perfect, and the ball sails over the green and lands in extremely deep heather grass. Somewhat remarkably, you find your ball buried, and you know right away that you can't get a club on it. As you ponder picking it up and dropping it within two club lengths of your unplayable lie, your supportive golf buddy says, "Don't drop it in the deep grass. Bring it on the other side of the cart path and try to get it up and down from the putting green." Puzzled, you say, "Can I really do that?!"
The Ruling

Yes. Utilizing Rule 28, you have two good options when you hit the ball into an area in which a drop would essentially result in another unplayable lie. By declaring the ball unplayable, you have the option to return to the middle of the fairway and hit that 141-yard shot again, or you have the option to drop anywhere behind the point where the ball lay as long as you keep in line with the hole. In this case, the deep heather grass stops at a cart path behind the green and there's a plush putting green waiting on the other side that would afford you the perfect lie to hit a flop shot onto the green to save your epic round!