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Ruling Range - September 2016

September 1, 2016

The Dilemma

You're standing on the first tee at your favorite course, and your buddy, Jimmy, tees up his ball and lets it fly. Right after Jimmy hits, you realize that he had teed up the ball about a foot ahead of the tee markets. Has Jimmy broken the rules of golf? And if so, what is the appropriate penalty?

The Ruling

Errors like this happen very frequently, and regarless of Jimmy's intent, he has violated USGA Rule #11-4 by hitting a ball outside of the teeing ground. Consequently, Jimmy incurs a two stroke penalty, and he is forced to hit his tee shot over again. Much like crossing a street, a golfer should always look both ways on every tee box to make sure that he or she is within the confines of the teeing ground.