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Ruling Range - August 2017

August 23, 2017
The Dilemma
Standing in the rough on the 6th hole of your favorite track, you spot a tiny window in the trees that whispers audibly to your ego: "Go for it." You grab a 7 iron from your cart, step up, pull it back and whack it. The ball whistles briefly in the air before it cracks a tree, caroms off your cart and lands perfectly in the middle of the fairway. Before you can digest what happened, your golf buddy hollers: "Great shot. Just the way you planned it. Get out there and knock it on the the green." Can you play your ball as it lies?
The Ruling

Yes. You certainly can. Unfortunately, under Rule 19-2 you incur a one-shot penalty for having your golf ball hit your equipment- which in this case was your cart. In future battles, make sure to move your cart (and yourself) as far as you can out of harm's way... Especially in those instances when you can't ignore the be-a-hero voice ringing in your head.