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Archive 2016

Ruling Range - October 2016

October 1, 2016
The Dilemma

Jim is greenside in two on his favorite finishing hole, and he needs to get up and down for a 4 to break 90 for the first time. After a few practice swings, Jim hits a chip and his wedge contacts the ball not once but twice during his stroke before it miraculously travels down the green and falls into the hole. As he's slapping high fives with his playing partners, Jims askes himself: Did I really break 90? What's the penalty for hitting the ball multiple times in the same stroke?

The Ruling

Rule 14-4 clearly states that regarless of how many times a ball is hit during a single stroke, the player should count the stroke plus a shot penalty prior to playing the ball as it lies. Since Jim went into the hole on his third stroke, he is assessed a one shot penalty for hitting the ball multiple times in a single storke and he should record a 4 for his score on the 18th hole. So congrats to Jim on breaking 90 for the first time! Nex stop, 79.